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 Coop City CSO (Cooperator Services Offices)


CSO I (Bldgs. 1-14, Cooper, Debs & Defoe)

Dreiser Community Center Room 6

Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM  

718-320-3300 (FOLLOW PROMPT)



CSO II (Bldgs. 15-25, Adler, Asch & Broun)

Bartow Community Center Room B

Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM

718-320-3300 (FOLLOW PROMPT)



CSO III (Bldgs. 26-35), Earhart 

Einstein Community Center Room 37

Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM    

718-320-3300 (FOLLOW PROMPT)

RiverBay Corporation maintains three Cooperator Service Offices (CSO's), one in each of the three centers: Dreiser, Bartow and Einstein charged with the responsibility of providing essential services to residents of Coop City in a timely and efficient manner.

The Cooperator Service Office is a vital part of the management operation for this community. Cooperators can rely on this office to address their service requests, disseminate information regarding policies and procedures or just provide information about how management works.

All of the services that are performed at Coop City are initiated from the Cooperator Services Office or the new Call Center. These services run the gamut from maintenance to addressing quality of life issues. 

Each CSO office is staffed by Area Property Managers. 

Among their duties are to:

  • Arrange building inspections.

  • Accompany building association members on walking tours of their buildings and grounds.

  • Process Community Complaints as they are received (logging, notifying the cooperator by correspondence of such) and forwarding the complaint to the proper department for a hearing, as well as attending these hearings if the cooperator so requests.

  • Attend Building Association Meetings.

  • Send form letters to cooperators when violations such as poor housekeeping problems, noise complaints, illegal appliances, throwing objects out of windows, mats outside of apartment doors and dogs in apartments affecting peaceful habitation and various matters brought to their attention.

  • If requested, represent RiverBay Corporation at eviction proceedings, DHCR hearings and Landlord/Tenant Court.

  • Refer senior residents who are in need of assistance and prepare confidential reports.

  • Prepare lease agreements for cooperators with freezers and dishwashers and send all pertinent information to the Rent/Bookkeeping office.

They also conduct face-to-face interviews with cooperators who have ongoing issues that have not yet been resolved. In the past no appointment was needed however it is suggested that one be made.  In addition, cooperators may also call or e-mail their respective CSO office. See the Riverbay Corporation website for additional information.  


New cooperators who may not be familiar with the CSO office and its services are given an information package during their Orientation session which includes some information stated on this page. Whenever there is doubt, call your CSO. They are the catalysts that will then go ahead and direct you in the proper procedure to follow. The CSO managers are seasoned individuals who work with and relate to the cooperators on a one-on-one basis primarily, but also in group settings, such as Association meetings. 


They are one of the departments that are instrumental in conducting inspections and subsequently, preparing reports to expedite needed repairs and make adjustments and revisions where needed. All in all, they are the "eyes and ears" of the corporation because of their close relationship to the cooperators. 

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