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How We Were Formed!

The information compiled indicates the Building 13 Association Inc. ("Association") was formed and headed by Mrs. Palmera until 1980 then Mrs. Edna Mercado through 1985.  In 1985 when Mrs. Mercado stepped down Mr. Joe Williams served as President from 1985-2000.  We are grateful to all the presidents mentioned who served faithfully and dutifully during their tenure as leader of  Building 13.  An election was held in March 2000 when Mr. Joe Williams stepped down as President. In an effort to continue the  accomplishments of the prior leadership, the Association members voted for Mrs. Eloise Peterson. She re-energized shareholders resulting in increased participation. She served as President of the Association from 2000-2002. Under her leadership, a strong bond was formed with the Riverbay Board, the Marion Scott Management Corporation and various departments within their organization.

Many improvements were made in the building and the quality of life continued to improve. Obligations prevented Mrs. Peterson from continuing her service. An election was held in March 2002 and Mr. Olubiyi Sehindemi was voted our chairperson. The membership decided to formalize the organization. After several meetings a bylaws committee was formed and the constitution/bylaws was established.

 Leslie Peterson, Secretary of the Association, prepared the Articles of Incorporation and 501(c)3 paperwork establishing the recognized name, Building 13 Association Inc. with the state and its non-profit status with the IRS. 

Mr. George Peterson, a shareholder and active participant in the Association wrote the bylaws. The committee consisted of the then current Building 13 Board Members, past president and other shareholders. The bylaws were distributed to all shareholders of Building 13. General meetings of all shareholders were held to discuss, review, amend and accept the bylaws. Co-op City Building 13 Association Inc. constitution/bylaws was ratified October 23, 2003.

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